Monday, March 14, 2011


Gonna be super uber busy for this week because of Sports Fiesta and orientation for March intakers!
Philosophy midterm on Tuesday. My midterm for HIS252 and ECO151 actually not bad though, got 61 for HIS252, Dr. Borges's A is 70, fyi. So you can see that how happy am I. LOL.

AUP With These Friends Farewell Dinner on 26th, they gonna make it as a prom-style.
So yea, I'm going to a prom. Gonna buy a dress on the last day of the orientation as we will be going to Alamanda Shopping Centre, as usual. Have to make it a fast one, if really couldn't get anything from the mall, I shall ask KP back for my flowery dress which I borrowed them for INTIBall. Prom date? Ah. Not consider la, a company gua. But better than CPU's lar, this time is a guy. LOL. Until now I still don't really know people in AUP. This feeling sucks.

Gonna run for 100m tomorrow, one of the sport categories in Sports Fiesta, as no much people sign this up, so I'm registered myself in. LOL. And also, 3 boards awaits me to decorate/design. Will settle one small one tomororw, first. Is our very own Marketing Team board. I have no idea what to do, until now. HOLY SHIT.

Which also mean that I am going to spend 3 weekends at Nilai!
So long Klang, so long Bak Kut Teh, so long my dear friends, I'm gonna miss you all so so much.
See you on 3 weeks time! ARGH!

Apart of that, I actually got quite a lot of draft to post IN MY MIND. However, as you can see, I don't have time to type them out. OUCH.

And OH, the terrible disasters happened in Japan. When I know it's threating Taiwan my heart was like, SHIT! MY BRO IS THERE! Guess what, although he is a big trouble maker in the house but he is the only one who willing to play with me, the one who only respond to my sohai-ness, the one who only will reply me back with rude words, which I kinda like it. LOL. I actually called my mum that to call him to ensure his safety. Apparently she doesn't really believe with the tsunami thing as the earthquake just happened, and the newspaper yet to announce anything. She just don't believe that the internet can be so effecient and fast. LOL. Luckily my brother is safe lah.

I'm so so sorry that this post might be a little confusing as it is not typed according, in fact, MESSED UP. Lack of time to organize it. Hahahahaha.


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