Thursday, October 9, 2008

FeD Up

quite up sad these days
after i get my last two subject
both subject also FAILED
last time heard that our class finally got people passed his/her sejarah
but at last
no one can break the record
come next is the account
i failed this subject
feel so suck
person sit infront me get higher marks then me
he copy my answer!!
my friends asked why i so stupid do this kind of action
seriously i dint think about this
i wont do it next time
not worth at all
i set my target that get 3A or above
but i failed to do it at last
i get one A2 only
and two failed subject
SPM TRIAL is the first exam that make me nervous and pay most attention on it
i still failed to do it well
1A is really really not enough
so what if my BM get 65?
so what if my math finally get C?
1A is nothing
what happen to my EA and PA?
why can i get such marks??
how failure i am?
and finally
i decide to give up my 7 years feelings to HIM
i think so many times
is that worth?
what for i waiting him for so long?
most of my friend know who is HIM
some said at 7years was a long time
time passed so fast
i done many things is because of him
get into kwang hua
join in ping pong and softball club
but at last he not active in this two club and
i am the one who become active one
should thanks to him let me fall into love with ping pong ^^
still got many things to say about this
i dont know what and how to say
just let it go
still got many boys waiting me to explore! LOL

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