Wednesday, October 22, 2008

heard they say days at school not much d
so ask me back to school
really nothing to do at class larr
all we can do just capture picture and chit chats and also do siao da ji
taken some pic with teachers
and chat lots of thing~
dont know we still can meet each other after we graduate
hope so ^^
5a4 2008 really gave me a lot
and i have lots of first time in this class
especially first time been hated =.=
i have no idea i been hated such that way
and the stupid reason i cant accept is
she said me that i am self-central and everyone must listen to me
you know me right?
you know i wont do so right?
i dont like to force people do the things they dislike ok?
i admit i am a bit self-central but i never want others MUST follow what i say!
hate me with a GOOD reason thank you!
dont wanna mention this case now
these 2 days really talk many
about friends, future plan, boys and girls, and many many~
quite happy to talk with them
i never try this before
before this i am just a little audience
always listen and never tell out anything
still remember that last year i am regret with my decision to study in 4a4
now roll back
what a stupid thinking i have!
i really will miss 5a4 ^^
Oh My God
i gonna cry T^T

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