Wednesday, October 29, 2008

dance dance dance

finally decided what to perform in the graduation ceremony
hip hop plus couple dance
hop hop perform by huilan them
is couple dance is us this gang lor~
me and cecilia asked to plan out this
these are people who join in this dance
mostly is our gang lar
me, wayna, suehhooi, siewfoong, cecilia, huaxiang, chiauhong, cheelin, chunweng, JK, soonchun, karhong, chihyin, sinyee, weihong
i been surf on the web for few hours to find a suitable song for our dance
and i asked lots of people to give suggestion
night i am going to bukit tinggi meet up cecilia to discuss about the pairing
oh my gosh
this is really a tough job XD
i asked those who participate in this dance that dont want pair with who or any special request LOL to prevent complainmentand arguement lar
it's night
and i drive out that time my parents not in
they go overseas
finally meet up cecilia at food court there
we discuss the dance and talk about gossips
the list is out and the message for them is sent
some calls received and some pairs changed =.=
tomorrow is the day to practice!

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