Friday, June 24, 2011

For every girls

1. 不要在哭泣的时候说气话,下决定,你会后悔的。

2. 心里能装着一些时间带不走的淡淡悲伤,也是一种幸福。

3. 有的事情,没法说明。你觉得值,就值,你觉得不值,别人说值,你也觉得不值。

4. 尽量做个优雅的女子,千万别做作。

5. 善于妥协的女人,很宝贵。但是,只善于妥协的女人,很廉价。

You know,
what you've said today actually hurts me.

I wish we could understand and tolerate each other more.

All these time,
the only thing I could do is just remain silent.

No matter what,
I will love you always.

your daughter.

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