Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year~

oh yeah finally is chinese new year~

this year we having our 团圆饭 at biggest uncle's house which at somewhere of kapar~
those dishes just the same
all hakka's food LOL~
after our eating those adult start to watch video which snapped at 2006 at 5th uncle house
oh my gosh~
i saw me
the same toot gong face
but hairstyle more gong
owner of the house that year 5th uncle and his wife drunked
they kissed and hugged many people
video ends!
and it is angpow's time!!

vivian, jeferny, me, zhixuan, xianda~yeah we got lots of angpow~~

me and my cute niece~zhixuan^^
this year chinese new year i try new style on my outfit
my mum dislike it =.=
see how ya think k?

erm..just a black shirt with a blue singlet *i think* plus a short pants =.=
next on
i go to 7th uncle house watch vampire movie *just neighbour*
when movie about to finish then we need to back home
we decide go to dong zen temple
well small bro din't follow us
MY FM crews having count down at there
we enjoy the show too
singing, dancing, magic show and a lot
when the time near 12am
the organizer gave audience each people one balloon
some man keep push us and just to get more balloons
what an idiot and not gentelman at all
what a shame! bOooO sama dia~~~
DJ there asked us while they counting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
we need to make a wish before we let go the balloon
guess what i wish for?
a straight A's in SPM!
hope it will come true althought a bit impossible
so just make it a wish
that day not a good weather
small rain all the day
when shows end the organizer gives out presents for all
oh my gosh i need to squezee inside to grab one
many people especially mens push here push there
oh gosh they got many packets of presents!
that's so unfair for others
inside the packet just two oranges and some red packets with My Fm crews photo =.=
oh ya we enjoyed the firecrackers too^^
under the umbrella =.=
ok then that's all for first day^^

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