Monday, November 5, 2007

i wanna to ask god: can i change my life?

today is the last day of 2007 i go to school
all still the same
same people
same activities--BORED
sueh hooi finally finished her karangan which titled-pendapat and tentang kepentingan dasar pembelajaran Sains and Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris
quite difficult topic, not much isi
we done it with all nonsense sentences, wakaka
i gave sueh hooi a hand-made fur penguin in a mayonise bottle, and of course some deco
but someone said it as ---cheap
so that really cheap?
but it is quite good lor
use those empty botttle
can say as recycle la
we should really more care about earth d
but...not much people know
and i taken my report card from puan saroja today
open and see
phew..luckily is failed 2 subjects
thanks cik push and encik azmi help me
if not i really dead
my dad saw my result not very angry
this not the result i want to see
he should be very angry
they always cares about bro result only
they keeping thought my result is always good
they 're wrong!
when me life can change?
i wanna to ask god: can i change my life?
why life cannot like computer like that?
can save and load?
or even format?
can anyone answer me?

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  1. hey...
    thanx help me gao tim my essay~
    n thanx for ur present..
    who say cheap!!!
    for me very expensive..
    somemore can recycle ler..
    my mom oso say tat^^
    don think so much la galz..
    ur parent din border ur result so kao lat..
    but mine 1 very kao lat ler..T_T
    peace ya~


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