Saturday, November 3, 2007


i did something stupid today
while waiting for my mumat centro after my tuition
at night my primary school principle retire
my dad got to accompany his 2 taiwan's friends so he can't attend
mum ask me to go
she asked aunty ah yuen to fetch me from A1 to hokkien association centre to buy some books at the book fair there
there really no any nice books *bored*
then i decide to go to centro's 4sekawan to eat and drink something
while eating and drinking
sheau fan called me
and asked me whether want join "combined camp" or not
she sent the information about that camp to me later
without thinking, i accepted
after that, i already in V garden having dinner
taman rashna, changed a lots
and now, principle changed
it's still my primary school?
and mum
before go there she said she will bring me cloths
oh my god
a trap~~~!!!
i should know thats a trap~~!!!
she always want me to wear those skirts she brought from china....and that shoes
a blue skirts and a white shoes
dislike--hope no one saw me
but later i go home, on my msn
hong yee straight away nudge me
he said he saw me LOL
whatever laa
the important is
when i want to add "combined camp" into my phone's calender
i saw something---sgm run
oh my god!!!
nearly forget this event
the date crushed T^T
how should i do???
i really wanted to go "combined camp" but i cannot put wayna aeroplane anymore
how should i do???


  1. hey galz..
    d sgm run u give many jor bukan?
    so u think u more like which 1 lo~

  2. the problem is both i also like!! T^T


Thanks for your comment!