Monday, November 26, 2007

Tired sunday

i think this is my most crazy sunday ever
i just slept for 3 hours then go to run for 6km
i promised nana go for the SGM run
i cannot din't go this time because i cannot put her aeroplane again
my parents go china again
so no one fetch me go there
although it's quite near if go by car
i decided go there by bicycle
its so crazy
cycle alone in morning...6am!!
still so dark T^T
i cycle very fast
scared got people come and rompak or what what de....T^T
when i reach there i saw many people coming
then i called nana
walao ehh
she's still sleeping lehh
and told me its start 7am
why i so early go ther? =.=
but yesterdat she sms-ed me say that its start about 6am de lehh
i hang out around at andalas there
my parents office near by there
i don't know where should i park my bicycle
actually not mine laa
is my brother's
his bike lock's key don't know go where d
i don't dare to simply put aside
scared been stolen
then i cannot go back already
luckily nobody want to stole laa
i put inside sgm there
somemore use some grass to tie up the wheel =.=
before we run we gather at the field inside there
we do some warmup...aerobics...LOL
who's take part in 8km run first
me and nana sure take part in 6km laa
run so far for what...=.=
but the whole distance we walk and listen song
everyone pass by us so envy...hahaha
actually quite fast de lo
we use about 1 hour to finish our journey
when resting i saw many people
yong le lorr...ting song lorrr...some tuition friends lorr..meng meng lo..and some primary school friennds kai hwang and fu tzen..i think i saw ettiene *forgot how to spell d...*i not sure is he don't dare to call..and one of my brother friend..forgot what name d..last timewe join ping pong camp together...hahahahaha
we onlycan get our cert after 2 weeks... man deng lo
cycle back house
on computer...
that pig haven't wake up =.=
after played a while
go and bath loo
then...about 5pm
until 12 am
then play again
until 5am
really ki siao d
all my time messed up during holiday =.=

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