Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger

Marvel's movie is my favourite always! Love those muscular hot heroes so much! *crazy girl fan scream* And how would I miss the most recent one Captain America? THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE! *die die also must watch okay?!*

Finally watched this movie on last Sunday at Aeon JJ, Klang. It was awesomee pawsomee! And I realized Captain Rogers was played by Chris Evans from the credit screen at the end of the story! *epic fail right?* Ohmy, don't know who is that? Lemme refresh your memory! :D

The human torch in movie Fantastic 4

Nick Gant in movie Push

R-E-M-E-M-B-E-R? :D

Yeaaaaa. Is Chris Evans 'yo! Hottie hottie! :D He look even hotter in Captain America *nose bleeding*

This is how he look like at the beginning of the movie. A short and skinny guy who wanna serve his country badly. He has been rejected for...... Oh shoot, I am such a spoiler! I shall stop now, just post photos enough :D

The after! After some uh hmmm experiment :D

Woots woots! :D

I got reliable source said that the muscular body of his is REAL while the short and skinny one is modified by computer, hi-tech nuff right? :D By the way I think Chris gained some weight though, judging by his face, got rounder than before O.o

Anywho, THIS IS A MUST WATCH MOVIE! Rated 9/10 :D

p/s: I thought Captain America can fly, when he like fall or something inside my heart kept shouting "fly! fly! fly!"till the end he doesn't =.= The reason why I mention it here because there might people who will make the same mistake like me, this is a reminder. LOL

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