Saturday, April 16, 2011

Semester Break Plans

If everytihng goes well as I planned, I will have about 4 months of break May, June, July and August. So basically May is fully occupied, 10th to 13th going Pulau Perhentian with INTI's friends, most of them are JPA scholars, like what happened when I was in CPU, lol lol lol. Then 19th to 27th of May going GuangZhou, China with my best buddy Cecilia, yea, just 2 of us for the whole trip. :D Can't wait for that.

Hmm, how about June to August. Well, my dad actually "booked" me to go his place to work again, as general worker, do whatever thing, no specific job, lol lol. Biggest can be deliver or collect goods, smallest can be wash utensils, ROFL right? lol However, feel free to date me out during that time! *please date me out, if not I will bored to death!*

Maybe at the same I will be busying with visa, and accomodation stuff? Hopefully.
Oh, and also maybe will sign up for either Japanese language class, or dance class or cooking class? Don't know, I like all of them, maybe I will attend all? lol lol lol.

And most important, by that time my exercise plan should have started. Really, I am very very weak now, can't even do short distance run. Arghhh!

Ahhh ahhh and I see some of my CPU friends are coming back from Canada during their summer break, hopefully we can have a small gathering or whatever. Miss them so much. :D

What elseee, hmmmm. Oh I will not on Facebook from 19th April to 10th May, wanna concentrate on finals. Only will respond to sms, twitter, emails, and also bbm. Will have an official announcement regarding this soon. Cheers! :)

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