Thursday, April 21, 2011


At first, I don't really like this subject because I'm forced to take it. But now, gee, I LOVE IT!
Just so you know, this is the subject I really enjoyed in INTI, the only subjects makes me feel like CPU again. But the different thing is we don't have any assignments for this subject, only trial in the end of the course, and of course, tests!. So what do we usually do in the class? Basically, we students get into the class earlier and arrange chairs in a circle, like this:

My seat is just opposite to the lecturer (the only seat with table),
and one of the highlights of the day was words on my t-shirt, I usually wear statement tee to class. LOL. The lecturer likes to read it out. Haha.

Every lesson we will discuss things like what is truth, religion, does God exist? Things like that. Activity like this really can make you think more, I mean, do things that you don't usually do in lfe. Like before this I don't really think twice when people telling me something, but now, I will like, hmm, is this true, what makes he/she think like this, what is the factor, bla bla bla. Think more in depth. Amazing? Yes, for me. Hahaha. Philosophy makes me have more awareness in my life, I started to care my surroundings.

The lovely classmates.

The lecturer, professor Borges.

And uh, today is the last day for this class, also my last lesson in INTI as well. Miss those days me and classmates were worrying about how many pages we have read, until which chapter, how we gonna encounter the defense team in trial all those shit. So many memory in there. Okayy, enough for sentimental! Move on.

One of the outcomes, I found my favourite philosopher among all, is Immanuel Kant!
His thoughts, quotes just let me go, WHOA, mann, this is so true! *nods head like crazy*
One of his quotes: Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.
Do you feel the WHOA-ness? :P

I think I will start gather books about philosophy soon. According to Ga Li, one of my classmates, she said Kinokuniya have a philosophy section! She said "you will gone crazy in there!" because you can see books that written by people we have read in the textbook, can you imagine the feeling? Mannn, COOL!

Who wants to accompany me to KLCC for book hunt? :)

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