Monday, April 11, 2011


You know, really, I can't wait, I can't wait for this semester to end! 1 more month to go then I am totally free! Don't want to have any relation with here anymore!
Ever since I am here, every of my performances goes down! Emotion control, the passion in study, whatever! And I effing hate this feeling. I almost forgot the feeling of being awesomeness. I forgot the feeling that how much I used to love to go to school. I even willing to woke up at 6am, prepared everything and drive to Subang, without procastination, no absent, full attendance, no fails in tests! But now, pfft, I always go into classes 5 minutes earlier, and sometimes the lecturer haven't there yet!
I don't know what are the problem, is it me or them? If you say is because they come from different places around Malaysia why this issue never happened while I was in Subang? I don't know, I really can't figure it out. Just the feeling that I am not belong to here, can't mix into this community. Is it really my problem??? :(
Damn, whatever, I don't wanna care anymore, I just wanna leave, asap.
I just want to feel being accepted, I just want to be in the community, that's all. But then the reality disaapointed me although I tried so hard. Joined events, being part of committees or helpers and yet I still remain the same, nothing else. WHY?
I can't really say much here, I'm still in this place.
Wait, wait till I finished this sem, then there goes my rants, every.

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