Monday, October 22, 2007

Simple Day

today waked up about 10am
yesterday had promised way na and sueh hooi go jj help them grace tay's homework and buy shirts
actually i am not helping...
just say out and let them copy...hahahaha
between that time we went to buy our lunch
i brought :one honey green tea and 4 salmon sushi without wasabi~~
finally finished their work about 2.30pm
woohoo~~got 30minutes to shop!! LOL
i chosen 1 chocolate coloured, white coloured shirt and one blue colour singlet
way na choose all t-shirts
well then we go and change in the fitting room
way na taken two same type but different colour shirt with me
then we asked sueh hooi to put on that shirt and then take photo
me and way na buy those shirt
mine costs rm30.00 (my money T^T)
time reaches 3.10pm
they got to go for tuition
and then left me one at jj T^T
lonely me go to popular read books
about 4pm
mum called
she said that she want come and fetch me d...haha..
first time so early ^^
we go and buy some cream puff at bekerley there
all of them now in my stomuch
i ate all 10...hahahaha
today not much special

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