Friday, October 26, 2007

CoMmOn dAY

not going school today
wake up 10am something
on my computer and then straight away do puan yong's homework
actually got 4 rumusan 4 tatabahasa 4 kertas 2 tatabahasa
but i done 2 rumusan 2 tatabahasa only
so regret din't use my time wisely
luckily puan yong din't scold me
wakakaka~~i know she won't LOL
pin shien &pui yee--my primary school's friend
but that time not very close with them
now we in the different school different enviroment
make different friends
so many differences
they changed a lot
so do i~~~muahahaha
regret din't manage my friendship carefully
if not we can gang out together
organize gathering or something else
some treat me like strangers
some even forget about me!!!
what a failure primary school life
i haven't eat anything after i wake up and went tuition
straving during whole afternoon
stomuch keeping make noise >_<
finally lesson end
went to book valley have a tea time~~~
mini cheese and ham sanwiches plus honey dew milk shake~~!
oh yes~! what a wonderfull tea time~~
mum fetch me about 7pm
she din't keep her promise
she promise she will come about 5.45pm
duhh...whatever..most important is i have a nice meal~~costs rm12.92~~~yeepee~~!
finally reaches home
and sitting infront computer typing this entry~~


  1. u bukan morning tuition d mer??
    y so late oni back d??

  2. my brother tuition until 6pm maa...i need to wait lo

  3. oso A1 ar?
    din heard u say b4 d?

  4. no larr..he still primary school lehh..sibiri o..heard before?behind kong hoe de..last time i also got tuition there before

  5. dono..
    din go around there


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