Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love at the first sight?

I always thought this is some kind of bullshit that only appears in movie. In fact, it is not, because it just happened to me recently.

For the first time in my life, the feelings just strike me like that. It frightens me, I never have this feeling before, it is like a mixture of happy, excited, worried, anxious, etc.

He is the guy I ever wanted, the personality, a food lover, a movie lover, do not talk much, and others. I thought I will never had the chance to meet this kind of guy ever in my life *sounds hyperbole but it's true okay lol*, whom fits my criteria, like score a full mark in an exam. I even prepared to be single forever. It just shocked me.

I advised friends about their relationship problems however myself is a total newbie, ironic eh?

Hopefully both of us can work out something. If not, I will not whine or whatever, at least I got to know that my kind of guy do exist.

This is the first time I fall for someone.

Did not expect me to post something like this eh? 
Me neither. 
But, meh.


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