Sunday, February 15, 2009


i LOST my passion
i LOST my energy
i LOST my idea
these day no more energy
what i am living for?
born, study, work, die
i stuck between study and work
what situation i staying now?
everyday stick to computer wasn't my living purpose
what should i do?
i am not good in studying
i am not good in counting
i am not good in doing business
i am not good in communicating
i am NOT GOOD at all
i am just NOTHING
what else i can do?
now nothing can make me feel interesting and excited anymore
even hang out, sing k, shopping, watch movie etc
WTH i am doing
just like a DEAD people
no emotions no feeling
why i failed show my emotions to other?
why i just cant say NO to others?
no any relation with EQ kay?
after left secondary school
felt that winshi not winshi anymore
she already become another person
easy to angry, cry, tired, and no more patient
i dont know what i'm doing
i cant survive and cant make myself live in iife without

when i write this
i'm totally DOWN
dont ask me WHY
because i DONT KNOW what's going on AT ALL

i fear to change
i'm scare to be alone
i dont want to face these changes
i still wanna be a student
adult's world is so complicated
there is many many responsiblity on their shoulder
heavy and tired
everyday need to put much much attention on behavior and acting
should being responsible on every action

i just suitable to be a kid

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