Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2nd Day at Cameron

yesterday night so damn cool
no need air-cond d
and yesterday night was so so noisy
men's drink alcohol
women's chit-chat
children play pokers
and there's karaoke too T^T
someone complaint us was too noisy
and one uncle which was drunk badly scolded that poor guard
these happened when i slept =.=
early in the morning
jun kee's turn "tukareta" tired in japanese ^^
we 4 go around the mountain see
flower garden

call me kiddie!

sweet couple XD

punch-sized flower *amazing*

me and bro

flower-as big as my head =.=

errm..no idea what is this ==

LOL silly me

weird thingy

bell-looked flower =.=

weird look cactus @.@

as big as her face =.=

giant hibuscus

giant rabbit @.@

me and my family like to play at turkeys!
next time when you meet them you try to shout at them
they will give you response!
it's fun! XD
we go to the market
cc asked me to bring some mini tomatoes for her
mum brought a lot of thing
at there
we found a special fruit
like peanut that small
after you chew it whatever you eat will become SWEET!
is true
and i tried!
dad brought the fruit tree and decide to plant it at our house~ha
night we having steamboat
every family squeeze inside an apartment
there's 3 pot of soup
the electricity is overload d so keep shutdown shutdown
we keep "Oh~Oh~Oh~
some aunties keep say "跳电了跳电了~~"
well is quite fun
later then those kid play pokers again
sien lar weiii
i find someone to sms
too sien liao
suddenly found the my sim card got problem
poor phone keep on off on off
still the same!!
what happened to my darling??? T^T
god help me
dont so fast spoil ehh
after finished a cup of milo then fall asleep XD

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