Tuesday, September 9, 2008

terrible day

trial already started since last week
last week we finished our chinese paper
while yesterday is the most important paper-BM
today is english
i aimed an A for this subject
early in the morning
i ate sandwich with ham and cheese
and then go to school
at school studied some novel's theme and moral values
just for fun
shee wan asked me to tell she the novel's synopsis
well i tell it roughly
dont know she understand what i'm talking or not
the first paper is paper 2
i started to do it
when reading the composition about smell
i got a weird feeling
wanna vomit?
that feeling getting more and more
and i feel so uncomfortable
i decided to go to toilet
to make sure lahh
between the distance from my class to toilet is quite far
suddenly a disgusting feel comes up
next second
my mouth full of liquid (and some bread slices) YUCK
i release those thing in a small drain
oh gosh
encik romeeza saw it T^T
so embrassing
clean it up then rush to toilet
my energy like varnished
walk back to class
sit down and start read the text again
the feeling come again
i go to the toilet again
everyone starring at me
dont care it anymore
better than vomit in class right???
i went for toilet for 4 TIMES!!
i cant take it anymore
the time going to finish
i quickly done the short stories question
summary and novel leave blank
i dint have the attention and energy to do it anymore
i wanna go home!!!
after teacher pick up all papers i like exhausted hagging there
my friends said that i look more pale when everytime come back from toilet
i even dint have the energy to call my parents
cecilia help me to do it
with wayna phone
finally i release out the last one
in class
it's nothing
just liquid and some blood *i think
wen tin and suehhooi help to clean it up
that time i already give up my english
bye bye my A
after recess my mum finally come
she drove me back
and then sleep
without seeing doctor
my family believe that any sickness can treat by a nap or sleep
when i wake up my phone full of sms with caring
thanks guys!

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