Thursday, August 28, 2008

my driving life

i started my driving life since last friday
now i no more phone mum to send me here and there
and conversation between us getting less
get driving license and drive car ownself like a adult ritual
now days mum ask me to fetch my brother go here go there
and i can go anywhere by myself
a bit weird weird de
i been 10 years fetch by parents
suddenly without them feel lonely @.@
got a feel like they feel very safe to me and no need cares about me d
i dont want like this lehh
i'm still a little girl
childish, careless girl T^T
i always forget this forget that
sometimes forget to lock the car
sometimes forget to close the light
sometimes forget to scroll up the window
damn it!!
i hate my forgetful!!!
just now go fetch margie
she was sick and mum phone me to fetch she home rest
after fetch she i decide go to add some petrol for this car
when i turn in the petrol station
estimated wrongly
go and bang down the petrol nozzle
workers there see d laugh at there
so embrassing man~~
when i finish my thing saw one of them show good to me
i think he see me so young and know i am newbie

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