Thursday, August 28, 2008


SPM getting near and near
but i done nothing until now
person sit infront me in class who always sleeping at class now he awaken
he started to memorize moral's definitions, practicing math question and many many
his changes can use HORRIBLE to define
something like 180 big changes
everyone is so shock and look unbelievable
i think teachers too
i dont know what made him full of energy and determination
at the first time i thought that is his girlfriend encourage him to do so
but when i asked
he said that his girlfriend dint understand him
then i dont know what had him like that
is a powerful energy man!
transform a lazy piggy people to kinda superman
he memorized 36 nilai moral!!!
i tested him he can answered all
god!~~help me T^T
other people also start their revision d but i'm still playing
i can't concentrate on that table larrr
dad gave me so many pressure
i dont want study form 6 T^T
guan yin maa
popi me can pass my math
other i can pia myself LOL
target 5A and ABOVE
i mean in SPM laa
siao mehh
3A i already kam sia guan yin maa lorrr
but i still will try my best
dont know this is kind of curse or what
i cannot read so much
will over "leakage"
my marks will decrease
hope this not sure man
no read sure die
read more also die
how should i do???? LOL

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