Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why...because they can.

Not sure why, but I kept seeing this sentence recently.

One is from Promethus:
David: Why did your people make me?
Charlie Holloway: Because we could.

Another one is from the recent Humans of New York - Aya's series
"Why the US government declined her refugee's application?" "Because they can."

Not sure where will this post brings but I am amazed by how we as human being can create and take away things at the same time.

Did anyone think about this when comes to climate change? It is December here in Toronto already, but there is zero sign of snow. I can't say if this is normal because 4 years ago, I experienced a late winter as well, it was my first winter in Canada too.

Maybe this applies to my current life right now as well, can I make a change? I do have choice not to live what I am living in right now, but why I am hesitating? Day by day, I am have becoming complecent to my job, or so to speak, I feel comfortable doing it.

Just looked at Rotary Skyline's chapter today, it does sound intriguing, but the question is, can I committ? Is it true that work life drains your energy? Why do I feel like I did so much in university yet I always still have space for something else; in the contrary right now after I came home from work, I just do not have the energy to even think, despite I have responsbilities piling up - AIESEC works.

Where am I getting into here?

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