Saturday, September 19, 2015

Playing Catch Up

To be honest, I have been hesitating to compose an entry, because I feel like once I started I will be writing for at least an hour.

It's been a while I have never write for myself and communicate with the inner me. Yup, have been busying writing social media posts and some works that people think that I am wasting my time.

So let's see what have happened since my last entry eh. Well the actual post about myself was published on October 30th, 2013, which is like around 2 years ago, I wrote a sentence, I have been getting a lot of butterflies in stomach these days, just saying." and few days after that kabaam, yours truly is in a relationship, maybe should find a day to write a post about the process and nitty gritty.

2014 was an amazing one, well I had to look back to my Facebook photo albums to find out what I did this year, I can't remember a lot but IC2014 in Taiwan.

Let's start with Winter semester 2014 shall we? So I went to Montreal and Quebec trip with the ISS group, it was fucking freezing but I enjoyed quite a bit despite that was my 3rd time in Montreal. And then Orlando and I single-handedly pulled the first ever (probably the last) multicultural gala in University of Windsor. Working with a diverse group could be frustrating but if you manage the time well and have a lot of patience, you will do just fine. The event was a blast, university staff loved it obviously, they are the one who always brag about UWindsor diversity at the same time keep cutting the budget of ISC. Uhmm and what else? Oh, I ended my term as VISA coordinator, to be honest it was quite a relieve, knowing that I do not have to organize event for EVERY fucking FRIDAY anymore just feel so, ah, awesome. Don't take it wrong, I love my team, well most of them, except one or two people that did not willing to cooperate and keep getting the club into trouble, for example got into a fight with the Indian Student Association, yup, thank you. Well I cried at the end too, not because of sentiment or shit like that. It was because of another team member and some stupid ass recognition, okay at this point I do not know if I should continue writing without names or just make the blog private already. Okay back to the point, your granny - me, I did so much for the school and did I expect to get anything? No, well secretly yes, but I will not go to the extend that I have to force someone to give me that certificate! Yup, someone did that to me and I broke down at the Korean restaurant, no big deal. Overall, I do love my team, and am still connecting with some of them.

Hmm, is that it? I do not remember too much about school because after year 3, my priority has been co-curricular > classes, yup. Wait I do remember that I took couple photography classes that costed me a fortune.

And then summer happened, went to my second NLDC in Guelph, to be frank besides being the Home Group Leader, I did not actually learn a lot of things (sucks being old in AIESEC), but I did get to meet a lot of people that are rising stars today. But it is an AIESEC, crazy shits happens, yup throughout the conference I never sleep in my bed lmao. Someone was being clingy because after the conference I will only get to see him after 4 months, and his roommate is this year Western's LCP, the awkwardness, but I bet he was drunk as fuck, he won't recognize me LOL.

Okay I think that's good enough for today, because the next part should totally get its own entry.

Till then,

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