Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Just Skyped with mum, she told me a lot, some good things and some bad things.

1. 4th uncle is getting marry next week.
2, Grandma admitted into hospital.
3, Bro gave up study.
4. Lil bro finally committed into studies.

I hate it sometimes for being not able to participate in those events, like 4th uncle's wedding. Their family mean a lot to me, especially 4th uncle's passed-away wife, she was my baby sitter as well. She is the kindest person I ever met, mum once said, without her, my dad's company won't even exist, because she helped my dad when he needed help the most. Sadly, diabetes and stroke took her away from me. I heard the new bride looks like her a lot, even her personalities, I really want to meet her in person if I have the chance. Also, grandma's case worries me a lot, my mum said her report will be released today, hopefully nothing happen to her. If I were there, I am definitely the one will be by her side, accompany her in the hospital. Please get well soon grandma. The others are good news, don't have/want to elaborate more. :P

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