Saturday, May 3, 2008

first time~~~

oh my god
today is terrible day
i take part in singing in dmc competition
and make up plus wear dress!!
totally not my style!!!
he got take part too
with kai hwang LOLz
not bad lar ^^ XD
wanna know what song is that lehh
am song-ing
actually also don't know am song of what larr
just song lor XP
solo really not good larrr
lack of practice!!
and nervous!!
huey beng larr
keeping say she very nervous
after that pengaruh me T^T
so so so so so so so so wasted laaaaa!!
but luckily the he chang is much more more better
many people say nice and got one group sing the same song with us de very bad~~~
monday the result coming out
don't know we can get in or not

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