Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bye Bye Black

So, if you are following me on Twitter, you might know that I am officially a brunette right now. Well, half brunette.

Yup, I dyed my hair, like finally. Most of my friends dye their hair immediately right after secondary school graduation. I think I am the only one who dye her hair at this age, lol. Not that I don't want to dye my hair, I had the attempt but not that strong. And also one sentence from my mum actually stopped me from dying my hair. She said it would be a waste to dye my hair because my hair is naturally black, not many people can get as black as mine. I was like, whoa, I am privileged. That's the reason I am black hair for, uh, 21 years. LOL.

So, why did I decided to dye? Lame answer: because it was on promotion. LOL. Yea as simple as that. I am an uber stingy person just so you know, I love buying cheap stuff, I love pasar malam cloths! lolwtf. Yea anyway, so I am no longer black hair.

So here's the outcome.

I hate taking photos in my room, the lighting sucks to the max, LOL. However, you can see it from my recently uploaded photos on Facebook. 

But, I don't think people noticed it, is it because I didn't announce it publicly? As in on Facebook? If yes, omg, what has this society became? All rely on social media? LOL. 

What I will do is, patiently wait until someone points out, hopefully that person will be le guy. lolwtf. 

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