Monday, April 21, 2008

competition is tomorrow!!

now i am just nervous and excited
we had much improve than last year
last year we really NOOB
don't know many rules
don't know how to get more points
just keeping lost points
and let others win
i still feel not enough
i think is my pitching
is too far to pitch to home
i think only jing cen can do it well
i will only let the beatter free walk
so jing cen cannot happen anything
if not
kim already said we no need to worry too much
because we having a good pitcher
should i be happy or?
if really like that
that means our training wasted?
just let jing cen control the whole game?
should it be like that?
or is my pitching too bad?
i should not say anything at this time
i should know i am really not very good
maybe better than other
but still ain't the best
of the girls team
kwang hua softball girls team

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